Alison's life story immortalised on film

It was a warm and emotional moment when Christia Visser (left) met Alison Botha on the film set in Cape Town. The drama is currently being filmed. Christia is playing the role of Alison as a young woman.

NATIONAL NEWS - The filming of the documentary about the life of Alison Botha began last week in Cape Town by the film company Towerkop Creations.
The producer thought the story of how Alison survived the horrifying ordeal of being raped, disemboweled and having her throat slashed 17 times is miraculous and is capturing the story of how she became a strong, determined person.
In the 20 years following the near-death experience Alison became a motivational speaker, inspiring people to overcome trauma. But Alison insists that it is not a happily ever after story and she is not a superhero.
The role of young Alison is played by Christia Visser. On a short promotional clip shown on her Facebook page (, an emotional Alison talks about how, as a young 26-year-old, she was abducted outside her home in Port Elizabeth and forced to drive to the outskirts of the city where she was left for dead by her attackers, who may now be considered for parole.
After becoming more emotionally detached it was possible to revisit some of the places, said the divorced mother of two. But of late Alison has found some of the traumatic events come to haunt her when she learnt that her two assailants may be released on parole and she has become more fearful.
There was also an emotional moment when Dr David Comyn, the anaesthetist who was on duty at the Intensive Care Unit on the night of 18 December 1994 came to the film set to relate his role in the events, the decisions he had to make and the influence of the night's events on his life.
As co-writer of the book I Have Life, Alison was approached by the producer, Uga Carlini, of Towerkop Productions, in 2011 and both parties are excited at being co-producers.
The working name of the film is Alison - A Story of Monsters, Magic and Hope. It is expected to be released next year.

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